Good Purpose Life is the most coveted ethical & contemporary celebrity luxury designer label. 
And the world’s first lifestyle brand pioneering the Good Purpose Life vision & movement of the new generation of human beings.
EVERY PRODUCT is A BEAUTIFUL TIMELESS ART & BOLD MEANINGFUL STATEMENT PIECE THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME. Exclusive limited edition collections are made each time with the highest premium quality, worn by the most influential public figures of our world.

Started by Royston G King in 2016 under the precedent name “World Vibes”, rebirthed 5 years later in 2021 with the same vision.
By age 21 & year 2021, Royston G King is a self-made 8-figure multi-millionaire media socialite, and investor, partner, & advisor to celebrities, billionaires, royal family brands, billion-dollar companies, publicly-traded companies, Fortune500, etc. And over 12+ million social media followers, 1+ billion views, featured in most news publications, & connected to the biggest celebrities & influencers, billionaires, billion-dollar CEOs, Hollywood, media moguls, etc.
He is a world-renowned serial entrepreneur, social media superstar, philanthropist, best-selling author, actor, most sought life & business strategist, and upcoming billionaire revolutionizing billions of lives & the world to create a heaven on earth.
Royston is the world's most accomplished self-made entrepreneur by age 21 and year 2021 originating from Malaysia.


In alignment with our values of an ethical, sustainable, & social responsible brand, we got fed up with the fashion industry's low quality & wear once off throw away clothing culture. 
All of our products are hand-made with utmost perfection from the initial design process to its creation. We consider every product a beautiful timeless art & bold meaningful statement piece that will last a lifetime.
From the initial design inception in our studio in Los Angeles, our products are manufactured across the world including USA, France, Japan, Europe, and overseas with cutting-edge technologies. We always focus on quality over quantity. All our collections are bespoke and limited editions to both avoid mass production and ensure our customers are getting exclusive pieces worth investing in, allowing us to be a sustainable brand with timeless designs that can be worn for a lifetime.

Vision & Movement:
We are the world's first brand pioneering the Good Purpose Life vision & movement of the next generation of human beings.
What is the "Good Purpose Life" you may ask?
We can break it down to three evolutions & advancements of human beings.
1.0: The existence of the person is negative to our world.
2.0: The existence of the person is neutral to our world.
3.0: The existence of the person is positive to our world.

When Royston G King reflected throughout his life, observed the world and all the icons that came before him, he realized that almost no one is teaching & sharing on how to become a truly good human being who is kind, positive, and actually makes the world as well as everyone around them better.
Royston also realized that when he was curating brands with good purpose, i.e. brands that are ethical, sustainable, socially responsible, and have a positive meaning, almost no brands in this world exist where they have that element as well as beautifully expressed statement pieces.
Given fashion and clothing is part of everyone's life and a way of expression & the resolution that the world does not need another clothing brand, Royston G King founded the brand to manifest & materialize the Good Purpose Life vision & movement.
Ultimately to create a new heavenly civilization on earth and advance the enlightenment of the collective consciousness of human beings.

world renowned & famous

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